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Safe Locks from Morlands of Bournemouth

Safe Locks - New and refurbished units. Where a replacement lock is no longer in production, we endeavour to supply refurbished units. Most safe locks were produced in variants to suit a range of grades or applications. Other locks enjoyed a very long production run with modifications in detail that would effect reinstallation. Where possible advise the safe/lock serial number, when we can help to determine the exact replacement unit required.

One final word, we offer these locks and parts with the assumption that the purchaser has the knowledge and skills to service/reinstate the safe or vault.

Overview of our Range

We are still adding locks in this category - speak to one of our engineers if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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International customers: +44 1202 513787

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Safe Locks


Fire Safes

Double bitted, key retaining.


14 lever


7” Invincible


6½” Invincible


Alpha lock Chatwood 7" safe lock Chatwood safe lock Invincible safe lock


Chatwood Milner

Chatwood Milner Impregnable

Variants include: key retaining, single & double bit keys double sided operation & V keyway,


Alms box, wall safe.

Variants: locking  left, right, up or down.


Safe lock with nozzle. Options: locking left, right, up & down

Early Chatwood Invincible safe lock


Fire safe



Brass/ steel case, locking up/down, fixed or detachable bit keys.


Left/right hand, various key lengths. Various tail linkage.

Chubb Lips

Chubb vault lock

Chubb Manifoil

Mk IV, including extended bolt, extra shielding & other variants.


Fire safe.

Various nozzle lengths.

Hobbs Square

Hobbs Rectangular



Chubb channel lock Chubb brass strongroom lock Chubb Lips lock Chatwood Milner Impregnable

Kromer Novum

Variants include: flanged & flangeless, key retaining & various key lengths including detachable bit.

Mauer Electronic

Can be retrofited in place of most mechanical combination locks

Mauer Praetor

11 lever, 120mm key

Mauer President

8 lever, 90mm key.

Mauer Variator

8 lever

Hobbs Protector Mauer President

Safe Keys

Detachable Bit Key stems

Available in various lengths & to suit differing attachment methods.

Key stems Hadak lock Safe & strongroom keys

Milner B

Variants include: 7, 8 & 9 lever, Key free & key retaining, relocker tail, various key lengths.

Milner TG

Variants: 7/9 lever, with/without live re-locker tail, various key lengths & detachable bit.


With/without Ratnermatic linkage, key retaining, detachable bits/solid keys.

SLS Multi Stump


Miner B safe lock Ratner safe lock SLS multi stump




Vault Grill Gate


7 lever, laminated

Case size: 76 x 59mm. Backset: 24.5mm

Walsal Ace

7 lever

Tann safe lock Tann vault lock Tann grill gate lock Walsal safe lock Walsal Ace lock Mauer Praetor Mauer Variator Mauer Electronic Cawi safe lock Hobbs Anti-Violence lock Manifoil lock Chatwood Milner safe lock Chubb wall safe lock Chubb fire safe lock Kromer Novum Milner TG lock

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