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* - Indicates/represents any numeral (0 - 9)

# - Indicates/represents any letter (A - Z)

Backset - The distance between the face of a lock or latch, where the bolt emerges, and the centre of the operating point such as the keyhole or handle spindle.

Cash Rating - A safe manufacturers guide to the insurers cash cover rating.

CDU - Cylinder Drive Unit, cylinders such as rim, euro, profile etc.

EOL - End of Line. Discontinued and/or no longer available as new. We sometimes have refurbished items, or may be able to service or make keys to your old unit.

KA - Keyed alike, a suite of locks that are all built to the same combination.

KD - Keyed to differ, each lock built to a different key as the mechanism allows.

Not Inclusive - The manufacturer selected random key differs from the indicated number range, or reserved certain numbers for specific clients and/or applications.

RPT - Radial pin tumbler, a tubular type key mechanism.

Un-numbered Security Keys -

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Notes, Abbreviations & Terminology

Overview of Locksmithing Terms, Abbreviations & Terminology.

The locksmith trade, just like any other specialist trade, has its own Expressions, Abbreviations and Terminology. Some have different meanings in different Countries and even different regions, some have been coined by a long tradition working with locks and keys. Therefore these notes are what's meant when you are surfing the MORLANDS WEB.