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Key Index

Morlands Key Codex System

Key Cutting Index - Overview Of Our Range

This page illustrates just a few insights about keys and the categories and types we produce.

Most keys are produced from the key number stamped on your key or found on a card or certificate supplied with your lock. Some keys are restricted and also require a password or other formality, Morlands can help and advise with the procedure. Un-numbered keys are professionally copied, or should all keys be lost we can in most cases produce new keys from your lock, changing the combination at the same time if security is an issue.

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Car Keys

Vehical keys are database cut from number code or from your pattern.

Vintage, Classic

& Modern

Transport Keys

From Morlands

The key to our car, to most people, is equally important as the key to our home.

The key to your Home

The key is that all important link that allows us to go about our business leaving possessions, such as  our home, our car and our valuables secure until we return.

The Key

The type of key, and its inherent qualities signify the importance of the asset that's being protected.

A good tip.

Always keep one of

your original,  & unused, keys for duplication and/or emergency use.

Record key number & password separately

& securely.

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