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Ingersoll Locks

Ingersoll 10 Lever Locks from Morlands

Ingersoll Locks & Keys - 10 Lever

The Ingersoll 10 lever lock system was popular and cutting edge during the second half of the last century. Once the pinnacle of security, and still very much cherished by many, the system has now been superceded with Ingersoll’s London Line. The 10 lever system still offers good physical security. We offer these locks, parts and accessories for those who wish to avoid the scars of upgrading. If you are concerned about how the modern security standards effect your 10 lever Ingersoll installation we will be happy to advise.

Overview of our Range

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Window Locks

For metal casements & fanlights,

wooden sashes

Patio Door Lock

Hinge Bolt

Strengthens the hinge side of the door.

More Ingersoll Locks for Windows & Doors

RA71 Body


Open, Close & Enclosed High shackle variations.

Replacement Keys


SC71 Rim Automatic Deadlock

SC73 Rim Automatic Deadlock

For emergency escape and fire doors opening outwards

SC1 Replacement Cylinder

Ingersoll’s 10 lever Range

Ingersoll SC71 Ingersoll SC73 Ingersoll SC1 Ingersoll keys Ingersoll RA71 Ingersoll CS700 Ingersoll window locks