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Huwil Furniture locks & fittings from UK supplier Morlands of Bournemouth

Huwil Locks & Fittings for furniture

A varied range of locking devices for traditional, vintage and modern furniture with applications at both home and the work place including: Cam Locks, Espagnolette locks, Glass door locks, Multi-Drawer locks, Traditional furniture Locks and more.

Overview of our Range

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Espagnolette Lock.

Right hand. Case size:27.5 x 96mm. Finish: Nickle plated. For surface mounted bars.


Espagnolette Lock without tonge.

Adjustable LH/RH handing. Backset: 15mm. Accepts 6mm 'D' rod.


Espagnolette Lock.

Adjustable LH/RH handing. Backset: 15mm. Accepts 6mm 'D' rod.

Espagnolette lock Huwil lock

Espagnolette Locks with Traditional Key



Cam Lock, wing fixing.

Nozzle = 16.5mm dia x 19mm. 5 disc tumbler. 198 differs. Finish: nickle.

Supplied with 2 keys, rossett and straight cam.


Hook Cam Lock, wing fixing with removable insert.

Nozzle = 18mm dia x 22mm. 6 disc tumbler. Finish: nickle.


30mm Cam Lock with removable insert.

6 disc tumbler. Finish: nickle

Cam Locks

Huwil cam lock winged cam lock VCS18 insert lock VCS18 cam lock Removeable insert lck


Espagnolette Lock.

Universal handing. Backset: 15mm, Nozzle: 16.5 x 21mm.

Accepts 6mm 'D' rod. 2 double entry keys


Espagnolette Lock.

Backset: 25mm. Right Hand. Accepts 6mm 'D' rod


Espagnolette Lock with removeable insert

Espagnolette Locks with Cylinder key

Huwil espag lock epag lock with nozzle Espag with removeable insert Insert lock core

Spares & Accessories

Furniture escutcheon, striker plates.

VCS cylinder extraction tool.

Replacement Huwil Keys


Lay-On Lock

Suits both LH & RH doors and Drawers, 15mm backset.

H17-373 (LH) or H17-376 (RH)

Cut Cabinet Lock

Backset: 15mm

Huwil rim lock Huwil furniture lock Huwil cut-in lock Huwil cut furniture lock

Furniture Locks with Traditional Key



5 disc tumbler, Finish = chrome.


'D' Drive Multi Drawer Lock

Nozzle: 16.5mm diameter x 20mm, Rotary action drive acepts the industry std 6mm 'D' bar. Finish = Polished Nickle Plated.


Multi Drawer Lock

Nozzle: 16.5mm diameter x 20mm. Finish = Polished Nickle Plated.

Multi-Drawer Locks

Huwil multi drawer lock Multi draw lock draw lock drive

Locks for Glass Sliding Doors


Insert Track Lock for Aluminium Framed Sliding Doors

Overall length = 25mm. Barrel dia.= 7mm. 2 keys. Finish = Bright Nickle

Lock H17035

Insert lock and Socket for Glass

Socket requires a 16mm hole bored in glass. Suitable for 6 to 8mm thik glass. Finish = Bright Nickle.


Glass door track lock

5 disc tumbler. 2 keys. Finish = satin chrome.


Track Lock with glazing channel.

5 disc tumbler. Hand of lock is reversable, suits right or left hand applications. Extra keys available -see key index

glass door showcase lock Sliding glass door lock Track lock Track lock with glazing channel


Glass door lock, hinged

5 disc tumbler. 2 keys. Finish = Bright chrome. Suitable for doors from 4mm to 6mm thick.

Locks for Glass Hinged Doors

Huwil glass door lock Escutcheons & striker plates Huwil keys

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Espagnolette Lock

Universal handing. 15mm backset.


Espagnolette lock with locking knob.

15mm backset.


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Espagnolette lock Espagnolette knob lock