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Morlands Locks for glass showcase, display & glass cabinet

Ceilite Locks for Glass - Sliding Glass Doors -  Hinged Glass Doors - Clip On

Quality high security locks for retail sales area showcases and display cabinets.

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Sandard Key Plunger Lock

Ideal for notice boards, hatches etc.

For 6mm thick sliding doors, with a 25mm diameter hole drilled in the front panel.


Security plunger lock

For a 25mm diameter hole drilled in front glass. Can be supplied to suit glass from 6mm up to 20mm thick. Available either keyed to pass or keyed to differ.


Security plunger lock

For a 29mm diameter hole drilled in front glass. Can be supplied to suit glass from 6mm up to 20mm thick. Available either keyed to pass or keyed to differ.

This is the earliest known Chubb Detector lock made in December 1819. It was found on a Carron cast iron strongbox - do you know of an earlier Chubb lock?

We're always looking for older locks and keys (c1950 to pre-Industrial revolution) to preserve in our historic  reference collection. Can you help?

Contact our Curator

Locks from our historic collection

The History of Locks Museum

Chubb Detector Lock from 1819

Earlist known Chubb detector lock


Pull Lock

Fits to the rear panel of a pair of sliding doors. Requires a 22mm dia. hole drilled in the glass.


Sliding Door Rail Lock

Pushlock for Freeslide rails.

The new style lock is fully compatible with the old style.


Track Lock

End fitting lock for aluminum Freeslide rails, available left or right hand (Right hand illustrated)

Ceilite track lock


High Security Clip-On Lock

No drilling required, this lock simply clips on. Also comes with anti-pry wings.


Single Hinged Door Lock

Supplied with a 48 mm flat cam as standard, cranked and or notched cams can be supplied if quantities permit. Requires a 20 x 43 oval hole in the glass.


Single Hinged Door Lock

High security ratchet lock


Double Hinged Door Lock


Inserts: plain, threaded & peg.

Replacement Keys,  Freeslide & Heavyslide runners.

Freeslide & Heavy slide Runners

Ceilite lock for single glass doors Ceilite lock forsingle glass doors Ceilitelock for hingrd double doors Ceilite inserts Ceilite runners

Track & Fittings

Top track, Glazing track and bottom track, we can also supply end caps, locking systems and silencers, also supplied as kits.

Hinges for Glass

Glass track & fittings New style track lock Old style lock Ceilite Pull Lock