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Wall Safes from Morlands of Bournemouth

Cash Safes - to protect cash and valuables against thieves, most also have a fire resistance.

Our cash safe range, from build into the wall, or fitted under the floor,  concealed in fitted furniture or even free standing, all the while blending unobtrusively into your environment.

We can also advise on strong room doors or even vaults .

Use this selector to identify the catorgory of cash safe and then navigate to see our range:

Wall Safes - Underfloor Safes - Freestanding Safes - Strongroom Doors -Vaults

Overview of our Cash Safe Range

Cash Safes

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UK customers: 01202 513787

International customers: +44 1202 513787

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Wall Safes

Build in to the wall, 4 sizes.

1K cash rating

Stongroom Doors

Models to replace doors in homes & businesses to full specification vault & strongroom doors.

Housesafe Underfloor Safe

Freestanding Safes

Smaller sizes designed to be bolted inside furniture or larger sizes anchored to the floor.

1K cashrating & up.

Cupboard Safe


Secure walk-in encloseures to vaults and strongrooms

Underfloor Safes

Conceal under the floor. I model for wood floors, 22 models for concreate floors.

1K - 35K cash rating.

DIY Safes Housesafe Underfloor Safe