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Bullet Lock

Industrial locking devices from Morlands of Bournemouth

Bullet Locks & Housings - overview of our range

I05-2608 Insert only

Oval face: 15 x 22mm, Body length: 34mm, Overall length: 86mm. Housing & Insert: I05-2504

I05-2505 Insert only

Round face: 25mm, Body length: 29mm, Overall length: 82mm. Housing & Insert: I05-2506

Bullet Lock & Housing Bullet insert

Round Bullet lock & Housing Round insert

Oval bullet insert

T22-2986 Insert only

Oval face 13 X 20mm, Body length: 44mm, Overal length: 92mm. Housing & Insert: T22-2708

T22- Insert only

Round face: 25mm, Body Length: 45mm, Overall length: 94mm. Housing & Insert: T22-

V50- Insert only

Oval face:

Shutter locks

Key storage cabinet

Locking Garage Handle

Shutter Locks

Grills & Roller shutter

Key Cabinets

Replacement Keys

Standard - Restricted - Registered

Garage Door Locks

For up and over doors


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