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 Free standing Safes, Strongroom doors & Vaults for Cash or Fire Protection.

 Cash ratings from 1K & up. Fire ratings from 60 minuets & up.

Safes from Morlands of Bournemouth

Bournemouth Safes - your local supplier. Backed by four of the most trusted national brands in the UK - all to effectively protect your assets.

Morlands, for over 40 years, has always been involved with safes, fully understanding their features in respect of protection for a given purpose and helping clients to select the right product for the job.

A safe though costing just a fraction of the protected value either in terms of liquid assets, commercial or industrial intellectual properties, or items simply of great personal sentimental value, benefits the purchaser with more than a simple comparison of product specifications in relation to costs. So if you really want the best value in the physical protection of your assets we are at your service.

Chubb - Churchill - Rosengrens - Securikey

Overview of our Safe Range

Bournemouth Safes

Churchill Safes

 Wall safes & Under floor ground safes for Cash, also offering a degree of fire protection.

Cash rating from 1K to 35K.

Chubbsafes range


 Free standing cabinets for records, document & media protection but also offering some cash protection.

 Fire rating from 60 minuets & up.

Churchill Safes range

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UK customers: 01202 513787

International customers: +44 1202 513787

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Securikey Safes

 Underfloor & freestanding safes for cash and document protection.

 Cash ratings from 1K & up. Fire protection from 30 minuets & up.

Securikey Safes Securikey Morlands Churchill Safes Rosengrens Safes range Rosengrens Safes Chubb Safes