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Locksmith Books & Papers

Locksmith Books & Papers From Morlands

Publications on Historical Locks & Locksmithing - overview of our list

Books and Papers on the historical archaeology aspect of the locksmith - all complimenting the Morlands Vision.

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A C Hobbs

A Man of Vision

By Mike Fincher

Spiral bound, £18.50

George Price

Victorian Champion of the Security Trade

By Pat Tempest

Spiral bound. £18.50

The Chatwood Story

By Tony Clare

Spiral bound, £12.50

The Clare Collection

By Mike Fincher

& Brian Morland

Spiral bound, £9.00

A C Hobbs by Mike Fincher George Price by Pat Tempest The Chatwood Story by Tony Clare The Clare Collection

Books & Papers are VAT exempt

P&P extra

Locks & Lockmaking, An Annotated  Bibliography

By Keith Amatt

Second Edition, Perfect bound, 427 pages, £24.95

Back Issues of

The Lock Collectors Newsletter

Brian Morland Editor 1975 - 1976

11 issues consisting of 56 pages,

£16.80 for the set

Back Issues of

The Lock Collectors Newsletter

Tony Beck Editor 2003 - 2012

36 issues, £6.50 each

Back Issues of

The Lock Collectors Newsletter

Brian Morland Editor 2012 - & up

3 issues V3:1 - v3:3, £6.50 each

The Lock Collectors Newsletter v1 and v2 Keith Amatt's Thesis

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