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Assa system schematic


ASSA from Morlands of Bournemouth


The Scandinavian profile oval cylinders is a modular, high quality system. It is used in conjunction with equally special lock cases and accessories. Whether you simply want to change your keys or upgrade your locks we can help to select the parts to meet your requirements.

Overview of our Range

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UK customers: 01202 513787

International customers: +44 1202 513787

A52-3332 Handles

Classic design, suitable for commercial & heavy duty applications.

Cylinder Rose


Cylinder Rose


Cylinder Extension Piece

Available in lengths of 8, 10, 12.5, 18, 22.5 and 28mm.

Thumb Turn

Thumbturn Spindle

Blanking plate

Replacement Keys

Some keys may require passwords or may be dealer specific - ask for help/support.

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Oval External Cylinder

Available in various security levels, body lengths & finishes.

Oval Internal Cylinder

Available in various security levels, body lengths & finishes.

Assa oval cylinder Scandinavian oval cylinder Scandinavian oval



Assa Classic handle Thumbturn follower Assa thumbturn Blanking plate Assa cylinser extension Assa internal rose Assa rose Assa keys

ASSA System Schematic

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